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The best wagon for kids? This new-age marvel.

best wagon for kids
Written by Bryce

Move over, red wagon — this is the best wagon for kids now.

In news we never expected to break, there’s a new Radio Flyer in town, and this one is far more plush, modern, and Cadillac-like in terms of appearance, structure, and handling. If you think we’re kidding, we’re not, and you really need to get a look at this ultra-cool Veer Cruiser, a modern parenting marvel by any stretch. It’s about as exciting as the Dyson for kids we found last week.

The best wagon for kids retails for a steep $600, but for good reason — it includes cup holders, a snack and drink tray, is safety and stroller certified (tell that to the red metal from our generation), can be pulled or pushed, and has a lockable handle for seamless pushing. It also can accommodate infants safely (WHAT?!) via a car seat attachment. Seriously, you can pop an infant car seat in this thing and use the spare space to pack all your snacks, drinks, and picnic requirements. Or tail gate requirements, either way. We’re not here to judge.

best wagon for kidsbest wagon for kids

It comes with a 2-year warranty and is available here on Amazon with free Prime shipping and easy returns. Tell your kids to pop on their Pippa & Julie and get in, will ya?

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