Bryce Gruber’s Thoughts of the Day

Written by Bryce

Baked eggs are good. Weddings are not.

I didn’t shop today.

1) I Love Marching Bands. I woke up late this morning to the sound of tubas, trumpets, trombones, and all sorts of other instruments I have no real knowledge of. Drums, I assume. There was a marching band outside my building getting ready for a full day of local festivities including Santas on boats, carolers, and general merriment.

2) Baked Eggs Are Divine. My personal recipe includes sauteed onions and mushrooms on top of a grilled piece of brioche. Crack 2 eggs over the top, bake, and sprinkle with grated romano cheese. Tiny tomatoes optional. HEAVEN.

3) Weddings Are Stress Buckets. I don’t see the point of giant weddings with insane guest lists, menus, and all the hoopla. Shouldn’t weddings just be close friends and family gathered together to witness a special, spiritual union? If I ever get married it’ll either be in someone’s backyard with a rabbi, or some holy spot where I know the promise to love and honor and all that jazz will actually mean something.

4) Why Doesn’t an Egg Nog Slurpee Exist? Can someone contact 7-11 corporate to get on this?! I don’t see what we’re waiting for.

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Bryce Gruber is a Manhattanite mom who can be found jet-setting off to every corner of the globe. She loves exotic places, planes with WiFi, summer clothes, & Sucre brown butter truffles. Bryce's aim is to do to luxury what Elton John did to being gay. Follow her on twitter @brycegruber

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