Bryce Gruber’s Thoughts of the Day (dating and fungus edition)

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Today’s thoughts are brought to you by the fact that I met Josh Groban last night, told him I’m an “academic” (wtf?), and have been floating on a cloud of OMG I PARTIED WITH JOSH GROBAN LAST NIGHT ever since.

1) How Not to Ask a Girl Out. My facebook page gets pretty wild on an almost daily basis, but I really appreciated “Ken’s” comment today. I mean, asking a girl out in a facebook comment is ballsy enough, but then to take it one step beyond by spelling her name incorrectly when it’s clearly displayed right there on your screen is basically the pinnacle of charm. Let’s not even bother to assess the grammar thing.

2) I REALLY Love Bar Mitzvahs… unfortunately I don’t have any little cousins at that age right now, so I haven’t been attending many. It’s a darn shame. If you, or someone you’re related to would like to have cover your kid’s bar mitz in NYC, you should totally email us or comment on this post. I will show up with a date in a suit and a camera in hand. Ice cream sundae bars are preferred.

3) I Also Love Corn Fungus and Eggs. I know, that sounds gross… like athlete’s foot or something equally as repulsive, but it’s actually not. If you’ve ever heard of huitlacoche, you know what I’m talking about. If not, huitlacoche (pronounced by gringos as wheat-la-coach-ay or queet-la-coach-ay) is a particular type of fungus that grows on ears of corn causing the kernels to expand like they have some veggie version of elelphantitis and turn black. The result is a pretty awesome Mexican sauce that tastes downright incredible over scrambled eggs, in a quesadilla, or spooned over fresh tortilla chips. It’s a foodie’s dream, really.

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