Casual Sex, No Big Deal

Written by Bryce

I’ve always wondered about casual sex.  I’ve never actually had any of it.  Sure, a few casual makeout sessions here or there, but never full on casual-coitus.  I’ve reserved that kind of stuff for the limited serious boyfriends I’ve had, and for a variety of reasons.  #1, the sheer length of my relationships has eaten up most of my adult life, and #2, I’ve always thought of myself as incapable of casual-coitus.  Science, however, thinks I can handle it.

hot casual sex

According to a recent study published on December 8 by the University of Minnesota, young adults who have casual sex are no more likely than those in committed relationships to experience psychological problems.

The University’s researchers analyzed the responses of 737 women and 574 males, with a mean age of 20.5.  Participants were asked about their sexual behaviors and overall emotional well being.  Out of the group that was sexually active, 55 percent claimed that their last sexual partner was their boyfriend or girlfriend.  25 percent said they were engaged, married, or with their life/last sexual partner. 12 percent said they were not in any type of exclusive relationship (college sluts).

More than twice as many males as females claimed their last sexual experience was with a casual acquaintance.  Mmmm hmm.  I bet. So what does this mean? Should I be out there getting my casual-coitus on?  No, and for a variety of reasons.  #1, babies with random men are a bad idea, #2, disease, and #3 maintaining my honor.  #3 might seem unexpected, given that I write this blog, but I like to maintain my honor vaginally, at minimum.

“While the findings from this study show that young adults engaging in casual sexual encounters do not appear to be at increased risk for harmful psychological outcomes compared to those in more committed relationships, this should not minimize the legitimate threats to physical well-being associated with casual sexual relationships, and the need for such messages in sexuality education programs and other interventions with young adults,” stated study author Marla E. Eisenberg, of the University of Minnesota Medical School.

SOURCE: University of Minnesota, news release, Dec. 8, 2009

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  • #1 Contraception #2 Contraception #3 It’s not as though anyone was forcing you into it.

    Casual sex is not synonymous with risky sexual behaviour. Although, with a mean age of 20.5 this study does nothing to investigate the long-term psychological effects of continued casual sex. Basically, it means nothing.

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