Crazy Russian Wedding Photos

weird russian wedding photos
Written by Gary

These crazy Russian wedding photos make Asia look downright sane.

weird russian wedding photos

If you have ever read anything I’ve written, you know that my two favorite places to write about (at least when it comes to totally bat-shit random events and occurrences) are Russia and Asia. Today, Russia wins the battle with some of the craziest random wedding photography I think I have ever seen. That’s saying a lot considering I grew up in the deep south, am completely gay, and even made my own sister’s wedding dress (please note I had no formal tailoring experience).

I don’t know if its that Russia is really far behind the curve with photo editing software and has only now just discovered Photoshop, or that all Russians have a strange sense of humor, but I feel like photoshopping yourself onto the back of a swan for your wedding portrait is single-handedly the most astoundingly tacky thing I can even think of. And trust me, it doesn’t stop there. Also, side note, there’s something really emotionally satisfying about wasting precious minutes of internet browsing time on crazy Russian wedding photos… #amiright?

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weird russian wedding photos

weird russian wedding photos

weird russian wedding photos

weird russian wedding photos

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