Date Our Friend!

Written by Bryce

Welcome to the inaugural week of Date Our Friend!

Each week, we’ll be featuring a new, city-dwelling friend of ours for you or someone you know to date.

If you want to date our girl, leave a comment on the post with WHY you should be considered… answers she likes will get an email back!  Leave your first name, age, and city!

Our first guinea pig is the lovely Lauren, a gorgeous 28 year old chickie from NYC’s Upper East Side!

Date Lauren!

Date Lauren!

So here’s what you need to know:

She’s pretty laid back, and is open to a guy of any religion (Catholic? Jew? Ultra-WASP?  Hindu? Apply!)  …That being said, she prefers her men TALL!  She wants a man that can take her for her favorite cuisines, French and Italian, and is able to woo her with intelligence, charm, and humor.

Lauren works in the fashion industry, but on weekends you’ll find her brunching at L’express, or hanging around Soho and the Lower East Side.  Guys: be smart, suggest dates at cute Italian or French places in such neighborhoods. You’re more likely to impress her!  This 5’4″ blonde loves Bergdorf’s, views of the Brooklyn Bridge, and the occasional museum stroll!

A few more pics of our Lauren…

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Bryce Gruber is a Manhattanite mom who can be found jet-setting off to every corner of the globe. She loves exotic places, planes with WiFi, summer clothes, & Sucre brown butter truffles. Bryce's aim is to do to luxury what Elton John did to being gay. Follow her on twitter @brycegruber


  • It would be a pleasure to take her out when I’m back in the city in the new year, if she’s acceptable to a foreigner who sounds a little funny.

  • Hi I am Alex, I think your first guinea pig is a gorgeous girl with a beautiful smile.

    I just turned 31. I work in Real Estate Sales.

    Tall 6 foot 5 to be exact. Catholic, non religious.

    I’d love to meet your friend Lauren… she looks like a great catch.


    Alex M Brouwer

  • Lauren looks like a great girl, who wouldnt want to take her out? If she has any interest in a 36 yr old guy who happens to be blond, in good shape, more than 7 inches taller than her, fairly preppy/clean cut, has a great job as an architect, lives in manhattan, is funny, kind, outgoing, and Iof course single, then she should say hi.

    happy hunting Lauren.


  • Hey, My name is Pericles. I’m 6’3″. I’ve never really dated anyone who is under 5’8″ but I’m sure Lauren thinks tall. I prefer to eat at small out of the way restaurants that have just a few tables [you know the ones] mostly in SoHo and tribeca. also LES. I like schillers for when I need more of a crowd.
    I used to be famous but I dropped off of the scene because I was not entertained by all the brouhaha [yes, it’s a word]. I went to school four times so I can pretty much talk about anything – but you wouldn’t know it because I’m not pretentious.

    If you want to imagine who I am most like think brain by Stephen Hawking and body/talent by James Bond.


  • Hi, my name is Rich. I’m 35, and live ten minutes from the city in NJ. Here are my Tep 10 (in no particular order of importance) reasons Iwhy you WOULDN’T want to date me:

    1.) You don’t want to meet a guy who’s ambitious and independent
    2.) You don’t want to meet a guy who comes from a great family and wants one of his own someday
    3.) You don’t want to meet a guy who is genuine, sincere, and a very good communicator
    4.) You don’t want to meet a guy with a sarcastic sense of humor
    5.) You don’t want to meet a guy who is very into music and going to concerts
    6.) You don’t want to meet a guy who is into sports
    7.) You don’t want to meet a guy who thinks it’s important for two people to have their own friends and lives outside the relationship
    8.) You don’t want to meet a guy who loves to travel
    9.) You don’t want to meet a guy who your parents will love within 5 minutes of meeting them
    10.) You don’t want a guy who believes that smiling and laughter are key components to a great relationship

    If you truly believe that these 10 factors are reasons not to date me, by all means please do not get in touch with me. Otherwise, I’d be glad to hear from you!

  • Mid twenties here and live in lower east side. Buddhist. I regularly go to French and Italian restaurants in the lower east side because I well, live there. Rarely go out in Soho except for occasional shopping. Send me a message and I’ll tell you more. 5’10, not sure if that’s tall enough for you. Happy hunting.

  • I live life according to what makes me happy…and if we match so be it. Life’s too short to worry about looking good in the eyes of other people. I’m 5’8, indian background, comes from an exotic tropical island near South Africa and makes girls giggle all night 🙂
    Nitin, 28yrs, Manhattan

  • yeah, i get it, lauren, you’re a cutie and you take good care of yourself. but do you read? do you own at least one piece of vintage clothing? do you go to cool galleries and off beat museums? i may be tall enough, handsome enough, and successful enough for you, girltoy, but all that is not going to matter because if we ever get together, i’ll be bringing a hurricane of charm. do you think your levees will hold up? — sniper

  • Lauren seems like a cutie but frankly, Bryce, you’ve painted a fairly superficial picture of her. Lauren, if ALL you’re looking for is ‘tall’ and someone to take you to ‘cute french and italian places’ in Soho, then that’s easy enough, hell, I’d say just go with Alex above. If you want more of an adventure, you know where to find me. Good luck.

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