Dolphin Rape or Dolphin Seduction?

dolphin love
Written by Gary

Dolphin rape or seduction? A Florida man claims he had a year-long romantic relationship with a dolphin.

dolphin love

As you probably know, I am from Florida, so I am used to the general fuckery of it all at this point. Malcolm Brenner, a 83-year-old man from Florida is releasing a new documentary detailing his loving, sexual relationship with a bottlenose dolphin in 1971.

Brenner used to work for the now defunct Floridaland theme park in Sarasota as a photographer, so he was often left alone with the dolphins. According to him, Dolly the dolphin (creativity points for the name), made herself available by positioning herself for sex after dark one day, and Brenner was instantly seduced. According to him, the sex was totally consensual, and the love affair lasted a whole year.

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Bestiality was only banned in Florida in 2011 (shocker), so in 1971, what Brenner did with Dolly was actually legal. If you have been considering sex with a dolphin, you can learn more by watching the documentary called ‘Dolphin Love’.

We have all heard about dolphin rape, but we haven’t really heard much about dolphin seduction. It makes sense if you think about it, after all, dolphins are incredibly intelligent, and swim around naked all the time.

They are the millennial whores of the sea. Give a dolphin an account on Tinder, and you will probably never see her again.

dolphin love

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