Easy DIY Halloween Cat Makeup

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This Halloween cat makeup is easy to do even last minute.

Halloween is right around the corner and this year we’re thinking about the classics. Forget your punny costumes or Amazon finds we’re kicking it old school with Halloween cat makeup. Is there any Halloween party that cat makeup wouldn’t work? Just adjust your outfit accordingly and you can take this cat makeup from school bake sale to a hot Halloween club.

First things first get that velvety base on. Obviously we’re not going to go for Cats-level of realism here but have you ever seen a dewy cat? No. Choose a matte base or go ahead and powder down your skin to a velvety finish.

This look is very much so sans blush be we are going to get our contour on. Cats tend to have a somewhat triangle shaped head which we’ll nod to in this contour game.

We’ll start first by contouring from the jaw upwards to help give the illusion of a sharper chin. You can read up on chin contouring here, btw, because it’ll shave years and pounds off your face.

Cheekbones are a must, always so go ahead and add those in as well.

Lastly we’re going in hard for a nose contour. You’ll basically want to blend your eyebrows into the bridge of your nose. You can contour the edge of your nose too, if you want but we’ll be painting it black anyway so it’s not 100% necessary.

When your contour is done it’s time to start on the eyes.

Because this is halloween cat makeup, obviously we have to do a cat eye, but we’re going to smoke it out first. Start off by roughly lining your eyes with a creamy, bendable black eyeliner. Make sure you don’t have deep eye bags for this, as you want to appear as a rested kitty, right?

Then using a dense brush, blend up and out as far as the liner will go.

It will look just like this! To enhance the cat eye effect use the same black liner on your upper and lower water line. Try our DIY matte eyeliner tutorial if you need help.

Then take a sharp felt tip liner and do a cat eye flick.

Make it cattier with a pointy inner corner.

To finish up the eyes apply your favorite mascara liberally. You can even get a cat eye inspired set of lashes to really glam up your halloween cat makeup.

Next up is brows! We’re going for that wild cat look so start by brushing your brows upwards. Then using your liner or a thin brow pencil that matches your hair, draw lines upwards.

This really helps to give this look a costume effect, not that you’re just a sexy cat.

Follow up brows with the classic cat nose. We’re opting for the same black eyeliner. Just create the shape of a triangle covering the end of your nose and fill in with the liner.

Once you have your shape in place, press a black matte eyeshadow into the liner to set it into place and intensify the color. It will also help if you get sneezy throughout the night.

Connect your nose to your top lip with a straight line straight down.

Then fill in your top lip only with black lipstick (or liner, we’re not telling). To finish off the lips, apply a true nude lipstick to your bottom lip. You want it to mesh well with your skin so no MLBB shades here. If you’re wondering, yes, this is how to wear black lipstick in a chic way for Halloween.

Instead of drawing whiskers onto the face, opt for little whisker dots. They’re cuter and way less likely to smudge all over the place.

Imagine a bunch of wiggly smudged wiser lines. Isn’t this much cuter?

The absolute last thing to complete your halloween cat makeup look is faux ears. Instead of plopping on a headband, try using space buns to mimic ears. Take two small sections of hair right on the top of your head and secure with small hair elastics.

To give the ears some body tease the length of the mini ponytail.

Wrap into a bun and pin into place from the back.

Cat ears in a flash! And no tacky leopard print in sight.

You can complete this easy halloween cat makeup and hair in about half an hour then you’re off!

I couldn’t not.

Actual cat would like to be excluded from this narrative.

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