Black Friday Sales Steals And Deals

Etsy Spotting: Black Friday Edition

Written by Olga

Too hungover to go out and shop on Black Friday? Etsy to the rescue!

It’s the busiest shopping day of the year. Thousands of men and women wait on line outside of their favorite department store for hours so they can run in, grab at stuff and tear at each other over the last whathaveyou. But if you’re reading this because you just woke up and are still recovering from your food and booze coma – you’re probably too late to go shopping and the stores are all already empty. Who needs that generic stuff anyway? Surprise your nearest and dearest with one-of-a-kind gifts from Etsy, and the best part is you don’t even have to shower.

Etsy has something unique for every budget. Here are some of my picks.

1. “Misty Rose,” an embroidered necklace for under $20, so you can spread the holiday joy even if you’re unemployed freelancing for a living.

2. Everyone needs a set of fancy champagne flutes. These Amethyst Toasting Champagne Flutes with Lavonde Rose Buds go for under $50. Your friend with the new apartment will love them.

3. Got a little extra cash lying around? There plenty of excellent vintage pieces under $100 on Etsy. I really love this vintage locket necklace.

4. Show your sister she’s the fairest of them all with this awesome gold tone provincial mirror.

5. What do you get your bestie who gave you her liver and now you owe her BIG? This amazing 1970s floor lamp is the ish. Seriously, it’s the most awesome thing I have ever seen and I want it.

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