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Get The Look: Alessandra Ambrosio

Written by corey

Alessandra nails the summer layered look perfectly.

I didn’t think I needed a denim bomber jacket until this very moment. But, of course, if anyone is going to convince me that I need something that I don’t, it’s going to be a Victoria’s Secret Angel. We’re loving Alessandra’s easy summer look here. It has a layered feel to it and still looks like she’s keeping cool in the streets of L.A.

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As for the number one item I want on this look, it’s definitely the denim bomber jacket. The scrunched up sleeves are perfect for layering bracelets. The cool blue shade of the jacket is perfect for the summer color palette. Available here


As you know, no summer wardrobe is complete without a floral maxi. Sure, the florals may be tired but it’s a great go-to piece for spring or summer. We’re loving the one Ambrosio is wearing as it’s a little bit more sexy. Available here.

Personally, I love a v-neck or a scoop neck for all of my shirts. There’s something about a crewneck that just doesn’t look right to me — especially in the summer. Stock up while you can. Available here




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