Gold Kitty

Written by Kela

Im continuously amazed at the great lengths women will go through to beautify themselves.   Even I have a few custom routines of my own, but this one kinda takes the cake.
On the heels of my No More Bush post comes the latest in vajay-jay trends.

Just in time for V-Day, Completely Bare Spas are offering their new Opulent Bikini Wax, a service that takes the gold in going bare down there. Literally.
Besides a bald kitty, the service offers…
Wait for it…
Wait for it…
A 24 karat gold spray, to make your treasured trove shimmer AND (yes, there is more) a shinning Swarovski crystal tattoo of your choice, because really, the gold sheen just isn’t enough.  Designs include your choice of a heart, initials or a broken heart if you’re lacking that significant other to share your shinny new kitty with.  For those with a kickass cat, there’s also the skull and bones option.

The service takes about 30-45 minutes, cost $135 and will last approximately 4-5 days.
Think this is what Mom was talking about when she told you your stuff was golden all those years ago?

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