Good Husband or Raging Alchie?

Written by Maura

So, it’s pretty clear that Ash and I are the Irish ladies of this joint and I was thinking about our good ole heritage and found out some interesting things. Did you know the Irish invented the submarine? high speed photography? and the first guided missile? Well, lookie there..who would’ve thought. The one thing that amazes me, is that we didn’t invent this..the Wife Carrying Championships, we left this one to the Finns. The main reason I say we should have invented this, the winner receives their wife’s weight in beer, show me an Irishman who wouldn’t enter. BTW..poor #29, props to you my are either a really good husband or an extreme alcoholic.

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a born and raised Brooklyn girl who has adopted a bit of the Southern girl charm from spending the last 3 years as a college student in Mobile, Alabama. While away from home she misses the fast paced lifestyle and could kill for a real slice of pizza. She is obsessed with shoes, sushi, her Paul Mitchell straightening iron, and lusting after her David Yurman favorite ring of the week.

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