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Hexyl Cinnamal: Why is It In My Lotion?

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Find out why this is lurking in your skin care creams and lotions…

There are so many chemicals currently in use in skin care products today. If you read the labels on any random moisturizing lotion or anti-aging serum, I’m willing to bet that you wouldn’t recognize have of the ingredients listed there.

One of the ingredients that you will commonly find in skin care lotions is called Hexyl Cinnamal. It’s one that is almost always in products with a floral smell, but do you have any idea what it is or what it will do? Read on to find out…

The Truth about Hexyl Cinnamal

Perfumeries and cosmetic manufacturers have to use chemicals to simulate the aromas of flowers, as the oils extracted from the flowers themselves just aren’t strong enough to add the fragrances properly. Aldehydes are chemicals most commonly used to impart floral scents.

One of the ingredients used to add a floral scent is the chemical hexyl cinnamal. This is a chemical that imparts a jasmine fragrance into your products, which is why you’ll often find it in skin care products like skin creams, lotions, and serums. The light, floral smell of jasmine is very hard to duplicate naturally, which is where Hexyl Cinnamal comes in. Thanks to the chemical, it’s both cheap and easy to imitate the aroma.

However, one thing you need to know is that it is considered a “fragrance allergen”. This means that it is known to cause allergic reactions if it comes in contact with your skin. The effects of the allergic reaction may be limited to just a rash, or it could cause contact dermatitis. This is a much more serious infection, one that may call for medication to treat it. If you are worried about what the ingredient can do to your skin, it’s wise to avoid it.

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You do need to know that not everyone who comes in contact with Hexyl Cinnamal will suffer a negative allergic reaction. It’s usually only a problem for people with very sensitive skin, or those who are allergic to other chemicals of a similar nature. If you’ve noticed rashes and skin irritation with other chemical-based skincare products in the past, it’s a good idea to be on the lookout for Hexyl Cinnamal. If it’s in the product you apply to your skin, it could lead to a similar allergic reaction.

The fact that it can cause a negative reaction means that it MUST be listed in the ingredients on your skincare label. In the past, perfume companies were able to refer all fragrance-related chemicals just by using the term “fragrances” on the label. Before, you had no idea what fragrances were in your skincare products, but thankfully that has been changed.

Now, cosmetic manufacturers are required by law to state if there are any chemicals in their products that could cause irritation or harm to the body, ensuring that you know EXACTLY what you are up against. If you are purchasing a jasmine-scented skincare lotion or product, it’s likely that you will find Hexyl Cinnamal listed there.

But before you throw out everything that contains Hexyl Cinnamal, take a moment to consider how it has affected your skin so far. If there are no negative reactions and no allergies in the past, the Hexyl Cinnamal should be safe for use. If, however, you have experienced a negative reaction when using your skincare products that contain Hexyl Cinnamal, it’s in your best interest to avoid using them in the future!


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