I want to be a scientist!

Written by Jason

So, get this: in order to demonstrate a hypothesis regarding adaptations of the human penis (specifically, that its shape is designed to squeeze/scoop other men’s semen out of the vaginal cavity), a handful of scientists (lead by this guy… yeah that guy!) at SUNY Albany designed an experiment involving a trip to both a sex shop and a grocery store! Possessed of one fake vagina, three fake cocks and a whole lot of hi-tech nu-semen (courtesy of this guy… flour and water brought to a boil, simmered for 15 min and then allowed to cool), they hunkered down to test the hypothesis. (h/t Jesse Bering.)

They inserted a measured amount of nu-semen into the vagina (standing in for the other man’s, don’t you see), and proceeded to mimic sex using the different dildos, thereafter measuring the amount of nu-semen left in the vagina once all was said and done. They were even kind enough to provide the measurements of the coronal ridges, and used a ridge-less dildo for control purposes. The bigger the ridge, the less of the other man’s semen left in the vagina at the conclusion of sex.

This brings to mind several questions. First, I want to know, whose vagina did they use? I mean, there are just so many choices! Or did they just use a generic one? And what about the dildos? Moreover, who got to keep the leftover… uhm… equipment? I mean, if they’re just going to throw that shit out…

And, most importantly, which of these two guys had the bigger… ahem… ridge?

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...Jason was formerly a lecturer at a well respected college, until he flunked all his students and was asked to leave. Now he can be found running a fashion empire, getting down with the LA scene, and generally being fantastic.

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