Inspirational Photography For The Lucid Dreamer

Written by Vivianne

What’s your favorite state of mind?

Since after seeing Inception, I’ve been examining the dream/reality paradox in my daily life. An article from wikiHow proved to be pretty enlightening, and all in all I think the state of lucid dreaming may very well become my new favorite… It’s like meditation on steroids… Read on:

The most basic definition of lucid dreaming is “being aware you are dreaming while dreaming.” Most lucid dreams are about things you want to happen. Although most people know they’re lucid dreaming, you can change your dream to how you want it to be. Lucid dreams usually occur while a person is in the middle of a regular dream and suddenly realizes that she or he is asleep and must be dreaming. The person is then said to be “lucid”, and may enter one of many levels of lucidity. At the lowest level, the dreamer may be dimly aware that he or she is dreaming, but not think rationally enough to realize that events/people/actions in the dream are not real/pose no threat. At the highest level, the dreamer is fully aware that she or he is asleep, and can have complete control over his or her actions in the dream. However, with low mental control your decisions could be biased not by your opinion, but by your brain.

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Meanwhile, it’s also interesting to observe how reality and its manipulations are expressed in various forms of art. Here’s some inspirational photography by a 24-year-old Swedish genius called Erik Johansson. Let’s be honest, this kid would have been quite a talented architect of the mind in Christopher Nolan’s blockbuster.






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