It’s A Fine Line Between Sex And Murder

sex and murder
Written by Gary

Unless we are talking about an episode of Law and Order: SVUCT-FCAT-DMV, sex and murder don’t generally go together. Sure we all love a good sex crime now and again, but generally we like to survive our sexual escapades. (Or is that just me?)

sex and murder

If you think about it, sex and murder actually have a lot in common however. There are some surprising similarities, including, but not limited to:

Sex and murder both involve begging. You are either begging your murderer to stop, of your lover to keep going. Either way, you are probably on your knees.

Sex and murder can both involve pain. Getting stabbed by a penis is probably less painful than getting stabbed with a knife, however. (Depending on the penis).

Depending on the time of the month or the elasticity of your asshole, sex and murder can both involve blood.

Having sex and committing murder are two things you never want to admit to your parents.

Sex and murder both involve heavy cleanup afterwards.

Sex and murder sound the same to your neighbors.

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