Khloe Sippin’ on Gin & Tea

Written by Ashley

Village Tea Co. is making you beautiful, sip by sip.  We heard from our sources that celebs like Taylor Swift, Khloe Kardashian, Fergie, and Cameron Diaz are slurping this stuff down to keep their skin looking ALWAYS radiant

We're glad she won't get any DWI's with VTC

“Village Tea Co’s “Sassy Green Tea with Acai” is loaded with anti-oxidants from both the specially harvested loose green tea leaves and Brazilian Acai.  Enjoy this “Super Skin Cocktail”, formulated by the master brewers at Village Tea Co.  This skincare cocktail is easy enough for any tea lover to enjoy at home!”

Sassy Green Tea with Acai, $13.95 for 120 grams (enough for over 40 servings

Sassy Green Tea with Acai, $13.95 for 120 grams (enough for over 40 servings

Pour yourself a cup! Enjoy the first 6 ounces, and then let the tea continue to steep in the remaining 2 ounces for 15 minutes.  The result will be an ultra-potent brew that’s perfect to smooth on skin before a moisturizer and makeup.   The anti-oxidants and small dose of caffeine perks skin up, brightens tone, helps correct discoloration and promote new cellular regeneration.  Best of all, it smells delicious, is an eco-friendly way to prevent the signs of aging, saves money, and is completely natural!

Every Village Tea Company container is made of 100% recycled paper.

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