Must Love Dog… Leashes

Written by Steph

As a single New Yorker, I know that the dating pool can sometimes seem limited, am I right? When you find someone great, you can’t just let him pass by. Imagine my surprise to find the man of my dreams on craigslist, of all places! Seems fitting, as I found both my apartment and job there. So I thought, why not? Maybe he’s the one. Who could pass this up, after all?

Man seeks woman for border-line bestiality

Man seeks woman for border-line bestiality

I couldn’t pass it up. So I shot him back an e-mail.

Hey stud…
Just saw your post on craigslist and I think we could make beautiful music together. Wanna hear my fantasy?
First, I’d show up at your place. We can skip all of the boring introductions– I am not interested in you as a person. I’d like you to answer the door naked so that I can immediately pass judgment on your obviously inadequate member. Don’t worry, I’ll bring my own dog leash– it’s to strangle you with for being 34 years old and managing to spell interrogated wrong in the age of spell check.
Seriously though, you sound like a great catch. Let’s trade pics.


Just like that, in a city full of perverse strangers looking for a quick lay, a love connection was made.

After note: My Don Juan takes it all in stride:

Cute reply my dear. You made me laugh out loud actually. Well done.

All is right in the world again. But hey, if toilet-play and humiliation are your kinda thing, send him a message!

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  • All you NYC bitches need to fucking check your ego bullshit at the door. If you want some tall handsome Scandinavian to buy you all the Sex and the City and Gossip Girl fashions you better be prepared to be treated like a three holed toilet seat.

    Shit all over me and interrogate me about my sexual history, you handsome Nordic prince of dick!

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