Myths About Lying

Written by Gary

Myths about lying: it’s time to understand the facts and fictions behind fibbing.


I am not a liar. Of course, if I was, that would definitely have been a lie. In my every day life I do my damndest not to lie, and most of the time if I do, I find a way to make it true  to balance out the universe.

I realized a long time ago that lying takes way more energy than telling the truth. It boggles my mind how easily lying does come to some people out there, especially in the midst mass exposures like this whole Ashley Madison scandal. It makes me think a lot about the difference between the truth and a lie, and bigger questions like “are calories a lie?”

On that note, here are 5 common myths about lying, and the reasons why they are total BS:

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  1. Everyone Lies. This isn’t technically true. Some people tell high-stakes lies, like the ones that could land you in jail. Others tell low stakes lies, like telling your fat girlfriend she looks great in that tube dress. But I’m pretty sure Puritans and Mayan village people don’t lie, so you can’t actually say everyone lies and be telling the truth.
  2. Looking up and to the left is a sign of lying. Research shows that the way you look before answering a question has nothing to do with lying, whatsoever.
  3. Micro-facial expressions are a sign of lying. While small facial expressions do reveal concealed emotions, they don’t actually mean someone is lying. Those expressions could be about any number of things, especially anger about being questioned.
  4. The polygraph is reliable. While the polygraph is better than nothing, it is flawed in many ways, especially because the person being tested might show signs of all kinds of things, from nervousness to chronic diarrhea.
  5. Psychopaths are perfect liars.  If you have ever wondered why so many people fall for psychos, and then subsequently get murdered, it isn’t because they are perfect liars. It’s because most of the time they are really charming, and people are idiots


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