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Take Your Kids Clubbing in New York

Written by Gary

It’s a known fact that most kids can’t wait to grow up. Has your 7-year-old daughter been practicing her twerk in front of the TV for months now, just waiting for her chance to shine? Is your 6-year-old son so good at flirting at the park that you are ready to see what he is really capable of? Do you just want 10 minutes alone to have a stiff drink while your kids tire themselves out by jumping around spastically? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it might be time to take your kid/kids out to the club.


Fuzipop, a company started by a husband and wife duo travels around New York City holding daytime dance parties for children under 12. The parties happen once a month at various clubs around the city and focus on “celebrating music, dance, and community for the next generation of city kids.”

The kids get to play with glow-sticks and grind on each other, while the parents sit at booths and chug vodka, lamenting on their partying days. It’s a win-win.

Even the DJ (named D.J. Kai) is nine years old, and has his own record deal in case you needed a reason to feel bad about yourself.

If you ask me, a nightclub for children is just what the doctor ordered. With drug use at electronic festivals at an all time high, I believe it is time for parents to be proactive, and make sure they are present the first few times their children go clubbing.

Let’s just hope nobody roofies the juice boxes, #amiright ?




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