Nine Unconventional Places to Meet Men

unconventional places to meet men
Written by Gary

Nowadays, it seems like bars and online dating sites are the only two places people meet.

unconventional places to meet men

The problem is, when you meet at a bar you are probably drunk, horny, or both, i.e. you are more likely to end up with an itching, burning rash than a relationship. Meeting online is tough because you can’t gauge chemistry, and you might end up on a date with a boring chemical engineer who you are considering dry-humping on the off-chance that the date will end sooner. If you are a forward-thinking lady much like myself (except that I have a penis), you are probably tired of these two options and ready to explore some other venues, so here you go:

Hospital– There is no better place to see a grown man cry. This means that their guard is down, and you can swoop in when they are vulnerable. If they need someone to nurse them back to health, even better! Bond voyage!

Laundromat– Normally you have to wait months for your new boyfriend to air his dirty laundry. Why not get it out of the way on the first date?

Soup Kitchen– Tired of dating guys who hold their money over your head like you are some kind of tawdry gold-digger? Try dating a sexy homeless man to change it up a bit. You would be surprised how well some of them clean up.

Dog Park– Even if you don’t have a dog, they are easy to borrow and even easier to steal. All you have to do is compliment a guy’s dog, and it sparks an instant conversation. For bonus points, let you borrowed dog off its leash, then ask for your new beau’s help finding Fido.

Home Depot– There is no better place to meet a guy that is either handy with his hands, escaping his loveless marriage, or a lesbian. Either way expect to have your pipes unclogged.

A Burning Building– This is a little risky, but ask yourself: How bad do you want it? The fireman that saves you is probably going to be hot, and even if he isn’t there are always the EMT’s that arrive fashionably late.

Blood Drives– Hey, at least you know upfront that he doesn’t have communicable diseases.

Recovery Programs– Your last boyfriend probably couldn’t even admit that he had a problem. Why not date a guy who is willing to admit it in public?

Alaska- According to several studies, Alaska is a great place to go if you are a single lady looking for a single man. The guys are either oil tycoons or rugged outdoorsmen, and there is no better place to snug up with a hot guy in a sleeping bag.

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