Online Dating Site for the Chatty Cathy’s of the World

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Women, would you vouch for your guy friends on this new dating site?

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Everyone knows at least one horror story about the perils of online dating. If this didn’t happen to you, then it happened to a friend: the guy with a pixel-perfect bundle of keywords and boxes to match your’s turns out to be a blatant animal fetishest with a drinking problem and at least ten more years than his profile picture let on. In a few minutes, your days or weeks of heated virtual courtship are down the drain, along with the glass of wine you’ve had to abandon at your date’s table.

This is the kind of story that Seattle web-developers set out to stop when coming up with the idea for their dating site. Noticing how women in particular seemed frustrated with the misinformation on profiles of online and IRL guy, they launched LikeBright. The site is centered around the idea that selecting a partner is a social process, and especially so for women. In a company profile published to GeekWire, the founders explain, ”We realized that there just wasn’t a great dating solution built for women, and observed that the best wingman is a wingwoman.”

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The service is available as an app on Facebook currently cost-free. A lady can sign in through her Facebook account to vouch for their buddies, rank them on specific characteristics, and answer questions anonymously through the site’s feedback system. Interested users can see the provided information when they’re signed in to the app, and they can make contact from there.

I appreciate where they’re coming from in this idea, but what about the guy? He just has to sit around and for his gal pals to give him a good review? The company says they’ve built the site to emphasize positive feedback, for instance, there’s no thumbs down or quantifiable ratings. While it’s definitely a refreshing alternative to some painfully traditional dating sites, the one-sidedness also feels a little unfair.

What do you think? Would you try out this dating site, or just vouch for your friends?

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