Proof That Love and Drugs are Basically the Same

rose dan destefano
Written by Gary

Love and Drugs: If you have ever been in love, you know that most of time it feels like being on drugs.

rose dan destefano

Have you ever heard someone refer to being in love as a high? Of course you have. That’s because when you are in love, it feels like you are stoned on something extra good. Everything makes you happy, even unhappy things like sad, bald, orphan children, that animal abuse commercial starring Sarah Mclachlan, and morbidly obese women wearing stretch pants in Walmart. Love and drugs actually have a lot in common, so here are a few ways two of the most amazing things life has to offer intersect:

They are both addictive. Obviously drugs are addictive (RIP Whitney, Amy, and Kurt), but love can be addictive too. We all have that one friend that can’t stand to be single, right? We all hate her, right? We also have that friend that gets addicted to her relationships (it’s not you, right?). Yeah, she sucks too.

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Love and drugs both get us high. The first few months you are in love with someone are pretty intense, and sometimes you lose yourself in all the happy. Then when the fights start, you wonder how you ever felt so high in the first place. The problem with getting high is that you have to come down eventually, and that sucks in both ways.

Love and drugs both have super painful withdrawals. Besides getting over a death in the family, losing someone you love is one of the most painful things you can go through. My breakups have sometimes involved cold showers, being tied to the bed, and my friends monitoring me to make sure I’m not a danger to myself.

Love and drugs both involve relapses. Drug relapses and ex-sex are basically the same thing. You are doing something you know is bad for you, but you don’t care at the moment because it feels so good. Then, immediately after, it feels bad again. Everyone relapses at some point, whether you are a hopeless romantic or a heroin addict, so you just have to take it one day at a time.

This video, a short film by film-maker Dan Destefano illustrates this point. ‘Rose’ is an indie film about love, drugs, obsession, hookers, and just a touch of horror, which is perfect for Halloween. Strangely enough, he also made a short film about drugs, called Withdrawl. If you are big into indie movies, you should probably try and decipher all the themes in these short films.

By the end, you will either be in love or feel like you are on drugs.

ROSE from DESETEFA Films on Vimeo.

Editor’s note: Drugs mess up lives, don’t do them. Love sometimes does the same, but it’s legal so you can at least stay out of jail.

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