Relationship Spotting: Date Night in a Jar

Date NIght ideas
Written by emilyc

Date NIght ideas

You can only go to so many wine bars with your significant other before date night starts to lose its allure. Avoid getting stuck in a date night rut and break away from the usual with this jar filled with fun date ideas. I mean, it’s a little crafty for my taste – the whole jar/popsicle stick aspect doesn’t thrill me, but it’s a small, albeit unsightly, price to pay for new and exciting dates.

Here’s how it works: you write all your fave things to do on each popsicle stick and color code them. For example, red signifies a date that is on the pricier side and requires planning, pink signifies a less expensive spontaneous date with no planning required, and white signifies a stay-at-home date. I LOVE this idea! Now I just have to come up with a better color scheme and someone to take me on the dates.

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