Relationship Spotting: Reasons to Marry Someone You Hate

hating your spouse
Written by Gary

hating your spouse

There are plenty of reasons to marry. Some marry for love, others for money, a green card, or even to escape from their parents. There are a lot of factors that go into choosing who you are going to marry, and regardless of who you choose, you always run the risk of eventually hating them. If you have found yourself in a loveless marriage though, there is a bright side. Here is is:

Things will never get boring. Regardless of how much you may hate conflict, you have to admit that it’s more fun than being bored. Have you ever seen those couples sitting at dinner eating silently because they have nothing left to talk about? That will never be you, even if all you talk about is how malformed each other’s genitals are. Not only will you entertain yourselves, but you will entertain everyone around you too. Think of it as a public service.

The sex will most likely be good. Have you ever heard of hate sex? For those of you who haven’t, it involves thinking about how much you hate someone while you fuck them, so much so that you act out on your fantasies of mild choking, and roughhousing. Who doesn’t love a little choking now and again?

If you get divorced eventually, you can duke it out like all-stars. Amicable divorces are boring. Divorces where the husband just gives the wife what she wants are annoying. But your divorce? There will be blood. You can fight and argue until you get every cent that you think you are owed, and then take his sports car just for spite. You may have gone into it with good intentions, but good intentions won’t drive you down a windy coastal highway in California with the top down, will they?

When you hate your spouse, you get to reserve the right to openly hate their family, too. A marriage where you can openly despise your mother-in-law sounds like heaven to me.

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