Relationship Spotting: The Spice Girls Had a Point

Written by emilyc

“If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends,” goes the famed Spice Girls song “Wannabe”. Now, this may not be what you want, what you really really want, but I’ll tell you it’s what I want, what I really really want – and I have seen several instances of these lyrics played out in real life.

Just the other day, my friend wanted my roommate and me to meet (which we all know means “judge”) this guy she met online. He was an instant hit because he actually payed attention to my roommate and me, unlike some encounters that don’t go beyond “nice to meet you.” No, this guy totally abided by the Spice Girls rule. For example, he took us all to a fun lounge one night, and when my roommate mentioned that he wanted some prosecco, this guy was on a prosecco mission and would not stop until we all had a glass. How nice is that? Obviously, the judgment was positive.

I am endlessly thankful for my own boyfriend’s adherence to the Spice Girls rule. I mean, we wouldn’t have been able to experience such enriching adventures as the Mermaid Parade on Coney Island, or even the Pride Parade (keep in mind, “getting with my friends” means gay males, which definitely scores a boyfriend some extra points).

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Emily is a New Yorker trapped in a Floridian's body and loves every minute of her big city life. With a major in international business and years of being surrounded by ill-fitting suits and all the wrong shoes, she learned that the importance of fashion needs to be communicated to the world. To her, fashion is on the same level as charity work and feeding hungry children. Emily can be found frolicking the streets of her gayborhood enjoying the off-color humor of the gays.

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