Russian Authorities Forced to Allow Same Sex Wedding

Russian same sex wedding
Written by Gary

Scandalized Russian bureaucrats were forced to allow two women to marry.

Russian same sex wedding

Russian authorities were really pissed off, but trapped by their own discriminatory laws when they were forced to allow the same sex-marriage of Alina Davis and Allison Brooks.

The loophole the two women used is that Alina Davis is a 23-year-old trans woman, so technically Russia still classifies her as male. They walked into a registry office in Moscow single, and walked out married even though the clerk called them the “shame of the family” and told them they needed medical treatment.

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All I can say to these two women is congratu-fucking-lations. Russia has been under fire recently for being both homophobic and transphobic, so its nice when someone points out that their laws are so anti-equal rights that they straight up contradict each other.

Take that, Putin.

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  • So…the guy who loves women…thinks he’s a girl…and is lesbian? Dude, he’s a guy who likes women! Nothing lesbian about it.
    And that is the example of how screwed up the mental process is for our “modern” society.

  • I dont get transphobics or homophobics, geez, just let other people live their lives as they want to. Gay and trans people hurt noone. (but we cant say the same about those phobics/haters)

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