Sex Spotting: Conversations, Sex, and Everything In-Between

Written by Gary

Maybe its a straight thing, but I fail to really understand what conversations and sex have to do with each other. There is of course, the old adage that women always want to talk after sex, and that men need to convince women to have sex with them through conversation. Gay people don’t mess with that BS, though. If we want to cock around with each other, we just get to the point. If we are still awake afterwards, and want to have a little chat we just do it. Lesbians, on the other hand consider it one big conversation. The only time they shut up is when they are teeth-deep in someone’s muff.

I think the problem here has more to do with what men and women don’t say to each other, rather than what they do. There are times when all women want to do is get it on, but they can’t say that because they will look like a whore. There are times when men really just want to snuggle up and talk after sex, but they don’t because they will look weak. If men and women were just more honest with each other about sexual matters, this problem would solve itself.

If you think about all the conversations you have with the opposite sex, most of them are geared to make that person like you more. You want to appear glamorous, or pious, or funny, or charming. The truth is that even if we have any of those qualities, they aren’t at the forefront of who we are. Be honest with yourself first, then be honest with the person in front of, or laying next to you. I guarantee you that conversation will go a lot better whether you are pre, mid, or post-coitus.

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