Sex Spotting: Manicure Finger Masturbatory Toy

sex toy vagina
Written by Gary

sex toy vagina

I want to start by saying that I really have no idea what on Earth this actually is. I found it on a site called, which was immediately ironic because if your kids are playing with this, you might want to tape their genitals closed and disable your internet. I was immediately stricken with a myriad of questions: Are you supposed to penetrate it? (there doesn’t appear to be a hole) Is it a teaching aid? Why does it have fingers? Should you paint its nails? What kind of sex toy is only $10? What is with the shape? Is this supposed to be used to make imprints for sex cakes? Why does the vagina look like a split-open pomegranate? Is Alicia Silverstone ever going to make a decent movie again?

In the end I gave up, mostly because I couldn’t stand looking at a rubber vagina. The most ironic part of all was that underneath, it suggested that I also check out a Captain America action figure. If any of you out there can shed some light on this sex toy mystery, please tweet me @gadrianrandall or @luxuryspot and assuage my burning curiosity.

sex toy vagina

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  • You put your penis in it. There is a hole, in the vagina. This is like a fleshlight, but with a hand on top for some reason.

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