Things That Exist: Tampon Flasks

tampon flasks
Written by Gary

Booze Tubes are tampon flasks for the modern woman– literally flasks shaped to look just like tampons.

tampon flasks

I don’t know much about vaginas, but I know that putting alcohol in one will probably kill whoever is attached to it. That being said, I like that someone took the time to invent Booze Tubes, making smuggling alcohol that much easier.

Have you ever tried to sneak liquor into a lady’s luncheon, and were stopped by security because the handle of vodka was sticking out of the top of your clutch? Never again. The 7.25 inch long cylindrical booze tubes, or tampon flasks if you will, are camouflaged to look just like tampons, so if anyone looks at you sideways, just point to your vagina and drink on.

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tampon flasks

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