This Giant Rabbit is Homeless

giant rabbit
Written by Gary

Giant rabbit adoption.

If you have some extra space, maybe you should adopt this huge rabbit.

giant rabbit

I had tons of rabbits when I was a kid. Rabbits were my mom’s favorite gift to give us, because we could tire ourselves out by chasing them around the back yard for hours. Needless to say more than one of them got run over by a car, but at least my mom got through our childhood without dropping us off at the fire station (even though she has since admitted she thought about it more than once).

Atlas is a 7-month-old continental giant rabbit that lives in Scotland. He is currently being cared for by the Scottish SPCA, but he needs a permanent home with a big back yard.

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Atlas is already the size of a terrier, and he is going to continue to grow. Apparently, he is very friendly, and loves to cuddle.

If you are alone on this Valentines Day, maybe you should consider adopting him. After all, rabbit ladies trump cat ladies every day of the week.


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