Top Five Unicorn Accessories

unicorn farts lipgloss
Written by Gary

unicorn farts lipgloss

Your lips will smell as fresh and magical as if you just kissed a unicornhole

The unicorn is an ever-elusive beast thought to only exist in fairtales and story books. We here at have been around enough gay people to know that this just isn’t true. Do you know how all those Twilight and TrueBlood fans think that they are actually vampires and go around biting people? This is the same thing, except in a more bad-ass way. A unicorn isn’t a mythical beast, its a way of life. And we are so die-hard about our unicorniness that we have found the top five unicorn accessories on the internet. Now you too, can frolic off into the world farting glitter wherever you go.

unicorn meat

Ever heard the old adage “You are what you eat?”

unicorn tears

Perfect when mixed with vodka and peach schnapps.

unicorn piggy bank

The only thing more powerful than a unicorn is cold, hard cash.

unicorn bandaids

When life kicks your ass, cover your bumps and scratches with fabulousness.


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