Houston Woman Marries Herself

woman marries herself
Written by Gary

A 40-year-old Houston woman is now happily married to herself.

woman marries herself

I don’t know if this is going to be a trend or just one crazy woman deciding to do something different, but Yasmin Eleby decided to make history by throwing a lavish wedding for herself.

When she was younger, Yasmin told herself that if she wasn’t married by the time she was 40, she would throw a wedding anyway. She kept her promise this year, inviting her mother to walk her down the aisle and taking wedding photos in a bright purple wedding dress. She has bridesmaids, a cake, and a full-on ceremony officiated by her sister, who is also a minister.

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In the grand scheme of total fuckery, this actually isn’t that crazy. After all, the world is finally letting us gays get married, so why shouldn’t someone be able to marry themselves? Think of the tax benefits, people!

woman marries herself


woman marries herself

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  • This happened on S. and the City when Carrie registered for Manolos. I would say it’s more of a “coming of age” party than a “wedding to yourself.” I say, more power to this woman and more singles should do the same. It’s kind of discriminatory that single people don’t get to have the same overblown, egotistical, foolish matching color-theme receptions that married people have. In the Jewish culture there are bar and bat mitzvahs. In the Hispanic culture there are quinceaneras. There’s nothing wrong with having the same type of party when you turn 40. People seem to forget that there is anything to celebrate about middle age. Good for her.

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