What Do Women Really Think of Dick Pics?

A woman named Janet looks at, and responds to 89 dick pics.

I am not regularly in the habit of sending and/or receiving dick pics. I know that may seem strange since I am a gay man, but I like to meet guys the old fashioned way; by getting drunk out at bars and going home with whoever is still standing at 4 AM. With the hookup culture more prevalent than ever though, nowadays it seems like even straight people are swapping dick pics on the reg and having rando sex.

This got me to thinking about women and dick pics, and what they really think when they receive a snapshot of a prospective penis.

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Some girl name Janet decided to look at 89 dick pics, and record her response, which is pretty priceless. Check out the video and let me know if it’s accurate. Or just give us your thoughts on morning wood.

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