12 Creative Wedding Guest Book Alternatives

wedding guest book alternatives
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You’ll love these creative wedding guest book alternatives

Choosing the wedding guest book is one of those day-of details you’ll keep forever. If flipping through an old book isn’t really your style, there are plenty of wedding guest book alternatives to use instead! From wall art to photo books to quilts, almost anything can be a guest book that you’ll love. These are our 12 favorite wedding guest book alternatives. You can add at least half these ideas to your Home Depot wedding registry list, too (score!).

1. Photo guest book

Want a guest book alternative that isn’t too far off? Create a wedding photo book! You can include photos of you and your fiancé throughout your relationship. Just make sure to leave room on each page for your guests to sign. This idea, much like adding a wedding dais to your reception, could also help breathe new life into your budget.

2. Wooden letter

Via CoachHouseWoodworks on Etsy

Wall art is a pretty common theme in wedding guest book alternatives, but it doesn’t need to be a signed photo! Get a large wooden letter for your new last names for your guests to sign. So gorgeous next to big wedding bouquets, we say!

3. Rustic tree sign

Via WeddingTreePrints on Etsy

Instead of your family tree, opt for a wedding tree! Have each of your loved ones sign a leaf on this pretty illustration that you can hang on a wall for years to come.

4. Illustrative tree sign

Via DarlingtonGuestbooks on Etsy

For a totally different tree style, opt for this cool black and white tree illustration. Your friends and family can sign a branch, and if you run out of space there is plenty of room around the tree for well wishes.

5. Rustic wooden wall art

Via MintageDesigns on Etsy

Continuing the wall art theme is this super rustic choice. Sometimes simplicity is key! Have your friends and family sign this large wooden wall art adorned simply with your names and wedding date.

6. Wooden hearts

Via SecretCreation on Etsy

Not everyone wants their guest book alternative hung on the wall. For a more subtle take, try this box of wooden hearts. Have guests write their love to you on the hearts, and you can take a look through whenever you want.

7. Record wall art

Via BirdAndKeyUK on Etsy

If you already have a wall-worthy record collection, why not add your wedding guest book alternative to the mix? This record wall art has plenty of space for your guests to write well wishes.

8. Wine corks

Via pbpaperie on Etsy

For weddings at wineries you can’t get more on theme than having your guests sign corks. Start saving your corks today and order up this personalized jug to store them in.

9. Illustrated book art

Via SaraAart on Etsy

Library fiends rejoice! This fun illustration allows your guests to sign books without the boring guest book.

10. Mountain wall art

Via ShorelinePaintery on Etsy

For mountain lovers, or people with a preference for simplicity, have your guests sign this pretty, understated mountain painting. With subtle gradient tones this is wall art that can work for years to come.

11. Balloon wall art

Via MarshmallowInkLLC on Etsy

For a cute wall art style guest book, buy this adorable lighthouse balloon illustration and have guests each sign a balloon.

12. Signature quilt

Via AnniePatchwork on Etsy

For a sweet and sentimental wedding guest book alternative, go big with a signature quilt. Have guests sign squares of fabric to be turned into a full sized quilt before your first wedding anniversary. Annie Patchwork on Etsy will do all the hard work for you.

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