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12 Natural Cures for Poor Circulation

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Here’s how to get that blood flowing!

Your circulation plays a very important role in your health. After all, your blood is responsible for bringing oxygen and nutrients to every tissue, organ, and muscle in your body. Without oxygen, the cells in your body die off, and it’s those nutrients that keep your internal functions working well. Poor circulation is a surprisingly common, but thankfully there are a lot of natural cures for poor circulation:

  • Change your shoes – Shoes that are too tight can reduce blood flow to your feet, affecting the blood flow to your legs as well. If you spend a lot of time on your feet, you need shoes that are comfortable and help to reduce the impact on your lower body. The right shoes can help to improve circulation drastically.
  • Relax – Stress can negatively affect just about every part of your body, including your cardiovascular system. It will increase your blood pressure but decrease circulation. Relax more and deal with your stress, and you’ll improve internal blood flow.
  • Exercise – Exercise is one of the best natural cures for poor circulation! It builds muscle, strengthens your heart, eliminates arterial fat, lowers your blood pressure, and gets your blood pumping. Just 30 minutes per day is more than enough to deal with bad circulation.
  • Limit alcohol – Alcohol may help you relax, but it’s not doing your body any favors. Alcohol can lead to heart disease if consumed in excess. 1 drink (wine, especially) every day or two can improve circulation, but more than that can cause circulation problems.

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  • Massage – Massage will stimulate the flow of blood through your muscles, keeping your body fueled up with oxygen and nutrients. A massage with essential oils (like rosemary oil) is even more effective, and can seriously improve your circulation.
  • Drink green tea – Green tea has a bit of caffeine, meaning it will get your heart pumping and your blood flowing. But it won’t raise your blood pressure like coffee will, and the antioxidants in the green tea will dilate your blood vessels and reduce arterial plaque. The result: healthier circulation!
  • Eat more roots – Specifically, ginger, garlic, and onions. These three aromatic root veggies contain anti-inflammatory properties that will prevent high blood pressure and improve your circulation. Plus, they’re delicious!
  • Add spice – Cinnamon can help to manage blood sugar levels, while cayenne can boost your metabolism and dilate your blood vessels. Most spices offer benefits to your heart, so it’s time to start adding more spice to your meals!
  • Eat more veggies – Veggies will help to prevent a build-up of cholesterol and fats in your bloodstream, preventing atherosclerosis and ensuring healthy blood flow. Plus, many veggies—like spinach, chard, kale, celery, sweet bell peppers, and many more—contain nutrients that will benefit your heart directly.
  • Try fish – Fish contains Omega-3 fatty acids, which help to reduce arterial inflammation and strengthen the muscles of your heart. Fish is an amazing source of protein as well, ensuring your heart (a muscle) has the energy it needs to pump blood all day long.
  • Drink more water – If you’re not getting enough water in your diet, your body is going to cling to the liquid it already has. This can lead to water retention, which can in turn cause high blood pressure and circulation problems. By drinking more water, you reduce the risk of hypertension and water retention, leading to better circulation.
  • Eat parsley – It’s great for stimulating your circulatory system, and it’s even easy on your digestion!

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