Bryce Gruber’s Thoughts of the Day (babies & ass hair editon)

Written by Bryce

Thoughts on women’s asscracks & babies.

It was a mighty good weekend, but after a phone call with my friend Chris I’m left with a slight sense of nausea.

1) Asscrack Hair is NOT OKAY. Ladies, I hope by now we’re all taking charge of our pubic hair situations. Whether you want to mildly trim, wax, go Brazilian, or completely bare, you shouldn’t neglect one thing: your asscrack. When my good friend Chris called me tonight to talk business, somehow the conversation obviously took a turn for the freak nasty and ended up at “ya, I was dating this girl who was a med student… she had like no time to devote to herself or her personal upkeep. I happened to notice the asscrack hair on a particularly sunny day while doggy styling.” Gross, thanks for the visual. Next time you’re at the salon or spa for a wax remember to tip your gal an extra few bucks for the removal of your finest ass hairs.  Or just don’t doggy style in daylight.

2) Enemies. My friend Ronnie reminded me of this beautiful saying tonight, “An enemy is one whose story we haven’t heard.” …True. I love it. We could all stand to learn a little bit more before judging others.

3) Leggings are the Cornerstone of My Wardrobe. I had a mild panic attack today when I realized that leggings are probably going to fade away from fashion in the next year or so. I’m not sure what I’ll do since I own about 30 pairs of leggings, and I manage to work them into every single outfit.

4) Babies are Contagious. I brought my son to another friend’s house tonight for some potato pancakes, puppies, and good Chanukkah fun and left realizing that my friend really wants babies of his own. In fact, he tweeted about it. Once you spend time with one, you want one. Once you have one, you want more. That being said, they fit most seamlessly into your life when you plan for them. #themoreyouknow

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