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Is Viagra Kosher for Passover?!

Creativity comes from a conflict of ideas. -Donatella Versace

1. Viagra Is Not Kosher For Passover. It causes things to rise.

2. My Thoughts Are College Material!?! I got an incredible email last night. A student in a Media Studies program at a well known NYC college told me that she’s using my Thoughts of the Day as part of her Masters program. Obviously I felt super honored, but the honor comes more from the fact that I don’t even have a college degree (nevermind a graduate level degree) and my words are being considered for the purpose of higher education. I remember when I was 23 Hofstra University made my social media tactics the basis of some considerable business class fodder- and I was honored then, but somehow I thought I was still within the somewhat normal age of college students and that it was almost a replacement for the fact that I wasn’t actually in a classroom. I was in the classroom of life (which, by the way, I don’t suggest trying out unless you have a heart of steel and either a chastity belt or less fertile loins than myself).  Now I have a new goal- teaching the fine art of blogdom at some prestigious New York school (here’s lookin’ at you, Columbia) in return for an honorary degree. If anyone out there is connected to the right people for this, please pass this jazz on. I’d like to be less of a single momma statistic 😉

3. Well, That Was Kinda Huge. Boyfriend invited me to meet his parents this past weekend. I was excited. The kids came too (even more excited because my kid thinks his kid is a superhero). At some point during the meal, Boyfriend left the table with the kids to go play games on the sidewalk. Boyfriend’s mom looked me right in the eyes and said, “you know I read your blog sometimes…” Crap. This sophisticated, beautiful woman who happens to the be mother of my boyfriend reads my blog. Crap, crap, crap. I had a hot flash considering all the recent posts about boobs, being insane, and most recently texting him ring pictures. In good news, I think we got on just fine- despite my written diarrhea.

4. It’s Been A Long Time. Since I’ve introduced anyone to my family (which at this point is mostly cousins). In fact, Baby Daddy never met most of my family till my son’s ritual circumcision in the first weeks of his life- also just before we split. I knew they’d all hate him, so I figured I shouldn’t stress myself during my pregnancy with introductions. To be fair, I was right. That was two and a half years ago. Boyfriend came to my cousin’s house for dinner last night and met most of the crew. It was a strange, nice feeling of family-ish stuff. A man, a woman, two kids and a big Passover meal. In fact, I think this is the only time I’ve done it right. #crossingmyfingersthatIdontscrewitup

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