Flaked on Father’s Day? Let Big Truck Balls Help!

Written by Steph

With Father’s Day practically hours away, I’m betting a lot of you still haven’t picked anything up for dear ‘ol dad. If your dad is anything like mine, he doesn’t want or need for much. I think he’s just grateful another year has gone by and he still hasn’t got the “I’m pregnant” phone call from any of his three daughters (he likes being a grandpa, but babies are scared of him). My dad also doesn’t neatly fit into the category of “Tech Dad” or “Athletic Dad” or “Adventure Dad”. He likes sandwiches, guitar, database programming, and wearing terrible socks. So what the eff do I get for my random dad*?

Big Truck Balls, obviously. The perfect last-minute gift for any driftless dad!

**While my dad is hard to buy a gift for, Big Truck Balls is, by no means, the solution to my Father’s Day problem. My dad would be horrified if he unwrapped Big Truck Balls, and not just because he doesn’t drive a truck. But maybe your white trash baby daddy might like them? Worth a shot.

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