Is Jessica Biel too pretty to take seriously?

Jessica Biel thinks she’s too pretty to be considered for serious roles, which is why they’ve all gone to Anne Hathaway.

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You might recall a comment made back in 2009 by then Timber-lady Jessica Biel, blaming her recently thin resume on her looks. In an interview with Allure, she claimed the reason she’d often been turned down for serious (i.e. trophy-worthy) roles was because she’s so beautiful, saying, “It really is a problem. I have to be blunt”. I can’t believe no one showed her the trailer for “Monster” before letting that go to print.

It’s safe to say no one felt bad for her then, and no one does now. But that’s not stopping her from going on about the hard times of a glossy cover queen in yet another interview, this time in Elle‘s December issue.

Sounds like the former 7th Heaven star is feeling the pinch of a slow economy like the rest of the country has since, oh 2008. And it’s getting the best of her. At least she’s not blaming it on her looks this time around, just Anne Hathaway. Hollywood.com reports:

“There’s a million [roles] that get away. [Actors are] gluttons for punishment. It’s just rejection.” Biel recounted how she desperately wanted to be Catwoman in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, but lost the role to Academy Award nominee Hathaway. “I was gutted. I mean, to work with Christopher Nolan in that kind of a role…” Biel said while recalling the loss.

She goes on to describe another role nabbed by Hathaway in the Tom Hooper adaptation of “Les Miserables”, for which she “was terrified” to sing, but “would have loved to do it”. But wait just a second, the pity-mobile keeps chugging along! Biel also uncovers her disappointment at losing the female lead in “The Notebook” to Rachel McAdams, which we all know was the decision that gave life to only the  greatest celebrity couple of the last decade (RIP McGosling!). Question the fate that brought these two together, and I question your sanity, Biel!

I get it, celebrities are people too, and underneath all the photoshopped layers and expensive seagull fat injections, they’ve even got feelings. But it’s not her complaints so much as it is her apparently above-the-masses attitude about it all. As far as I know, in none of the 200 magazines that feature her each year does she express sympathy for the other downtrodden folks in America, the ones who aren’t making a few G’s just for looking pretty, but are paying a precious penny to see her in a crappy film like “Valentine’s Day”.

In fact, it’s not Jessica’s looks that make it hard to take her seriously, it’s the fact that she keeps saying stuff like this. So the next time a celeb opens her perfect mouth to perform a one-woman sob act on the pains of being beautiful, I vote that they do it somewhere besides a magazine page.

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