Introducing Lingerie for Men

Lingergie for men: an Australian company specializes in sexy men’s lingerie.

lingerie for men

In case you weren’t a fan of 90s board games, a ‘taboo’ is something that is technically prohibited or restricted based on social customs, but isn’t necessarily illegal or wrong. To put this into perspective, men wearing lingerie, while awesome, is taboo.

As a gay man I have worn lingerie for fun many times. In fact, I think almost everyone who has ever been to a college party has put on some lacy panties at one point or another.

Australian company HommeMystere aims to capitalize on that by selling sexy men’s lingerie online.

I know you are thinking that their customer base is probably made up of a bunch of homos and Bruce Jenner (that was obligatory), but according to a study, the HommeMystere client list is 90% heterosexual, and hails from over 35 countries.

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The company states that they don’t care what sexuality, color, or religion their clients are, they just focus on providing sexy lingerie for discerning gentlemen.

I think this is fucking amazing. Not only do almost ALL men actually enjoy wearing lingerie, but if it becomes more commonplace, men can start sharing wardrobes with their girlfriends. Isn’t that every man’s dream?

lingerie for men

lingerie for men

lingerie for men

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