Nap In Style!

Written by Emily

Actually, nap in the LEAST snazziest way possible.

Since writing for The Luxury Spot, I’ve seen some crazy products; mostly useless, some downright insane. As of today, the Snazzy Napper will rein as the stupidest, most useless piece of crap in the history of the world. What is it? Watch below.

Yup, that just happened. I’m no cultural expert, but isn’t that normally just called a Burqa? Also, if you saw someone whip one of these out on the recommended train, plane, bus stop or car, wouldn’t you worry about their mental state? What happened to the old reliable sleeping masks? Worst of all, their slogan is “PRIVACY IN A BAG!” WTF?! Just no. All around. No. If you really want to sleep in an airport, give me the $14.95 and I’ll punch you in the head so you pass out. Even that is more reasonable.

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