Patrick Smith: My Irish Tarot Card Guy

Written by Ashley

He read my tarot card like he had known me for years… and may he has? He’s Irish, we’re probably related somehow, or have drank a pint together in the past. He was pleasant to speak with, his lilting Irish voice made me feel semi-ok about my awful news for this year ( read below). Patrick gave me tons of insight into my life, astrology, my so-called- future marriage, and all those things Tom Hanks babbles about in Angels & Demons.

Symbology, that stuff that Robert Langdon studies( i heart wikipedia), is an ancient practice of the world of symbols. Patrick made me realize, as we spoke, that “the world is all symbols, and they can be good symbols, or bad symbols, depending on who you are, and how you look at the world”, and I slowly realized how true this was. In terms of tarot, Patrick’s forte, snakes are the most common example of how symbolds can be interepreted in weird twisted ways.  I, as a catholic chick with an Irish-American upbringing, immediately thought of evil, rattling, slithery things that my man St. Patrick chased out of Ireland.  He then explained to me that a tarot card donning a snake is negative to me (obvi!) but is super positive to someone in the Buddhist world as an enlightened symbol of protection. Snakes don’t make me feel enlightened, or protected, so I decided to move on to another topic that didn’t make me feel so itchy.   Patrick then explained to me that each symbol must be taken as it is perceived to each person.  This all depends, of course, on upbringing, values, experiences, preferences and perspective.

Symbol: Ruler

Measuring Tool or Spanking Mechanism?

Patrick also gave me some insight on the way that symbols basically make the world go round.

” When the church felt as though they could not control those who were ‘self-enlightened’ by books, the books were burned.  Knowledge and education was then transferred into images, and people could continue to study throughout the more developed parts of Europe.”

Tarot cards also aided in diagnosing medical ailments, since x-rays and such weren’t around in those days. I wonder what the tarot for swine flu looked like?

After all of this, he began to diagnose me with my own illnesses, physical and mental.” You need to drink more water, you’re dehydrated.”  As I sat there, cotton-mouthed, legs crossed nervously twiddling my flip-flop on my foot, I said…” uh huh…go on…” He basically was spot on with any physical ailment I’ve had…along with all of the other things in my life that he picked up on. Relationships, family, career, he knew a little TOO much. After speaking with Patrick, I walked into the room where Maura and Matt almost had to slap my paler than usual face back into the real world.  I felt weird.

Ashley:  “Guys, I feel weird.”

Maura: “Dude, are you OK?!”

Ashley: “Patrick told me I’m going to meet the man I will marry by the end of the year…that’s the ultimate FML.”

While I go fill up my water bottle, why don’t you get in touch with Patrick and ask him to read for you. He will have your head spinning.

Contact Patrick Smith at:

PatrickSmith1111@yahoo.com or 310 709 5080

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