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Ugly Chanukah Rompers for Men Now Exist

Written by Bryce

Bring peace on Earth with ugly Chanukah rompers for men.

I know what you’re thinking, fellow Jewish friendthere’s just never enough ugly Chanukah gear out there. Like, is this our greatest challenge since walking in the desert all those years ago and pioneering the low-carb diet? Possibly, but if you were the one praying for Moshiach now, the universe has thrown you a bone while you wait for the rest of the souls to get their tikkun olam in order. That’s right — ugly Chanukah rompers for men exist, and the world will never look back.

Alon, New York’s Jewiest silver fox, modeling the ugly Chanukah rompers for men

If you’re sitting back thinking that you love rompers for men, but there’s just never enough detail in the handiwork, that issue has also been cleared up for you. Get On Fleek is making rompers for men that match both Chanukah and Christmas needs. This gorgeous display of fashion not only offers bold font “It’s Lit” right across the cleavage, but also displays a very classic iteration of the ultra-necessary chanukiah, which you uninformed Americans call a “menorah.” What’s the difference between a chanukiah and a menorah, you ask? Good question. The chanukiah is for Chanukah, and has enough candle slots of a full 8 days of miracles, whereas a menorah has space for only seven.

If you’re a bad enough Jew to call it a menorah in the first place, you’re a bad enough jew to be running around in ugly Chanukah rompers for men and getting melted gelt all over your outfit. That’s science — and nine out of 10 reform rabbis will agree.

It’s about to get lit. At least for Alon, our favorite Israeli silver fox.

But back to the rompers at hand. Where do you wear a romper for men, you ask? Just about anywhere you’d wear a non-romper for men. Some fine examples include: office holiday parties, latke-making events, any place donuts are sold, and your mom’s house, obviously. It’s also ideal to use a photo of yourself wearing this as your dating profile image to let the world know, “Hey, I don’t eat pork.”

Here’s a closer shot of the tuchus just so you can get a better feel for the fabric and fit:

Is that a chanukiah in your pants, or are you just happy to celebrate all these miracles?

All the holiday rompers are retailing for $99.99 right now here.

So what say you, would you wear one of these elegant little numbers to your next kosher party?

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