Vajacial: The Civilized Way to Enhance Your Vaj

Written by Bryce

Before reading on, you should know that some of the content in this post is going to be outrageous, and might even be inappropriate or offensive. Just sayin’.

By now you’ve all heard of Vajazzling, the fine art of vaginal bedazzling.  If you consider yourself the classier type that’s not usually found adorned in crystals and Ed Hardy gear, the Vajacial might be more interesting to you for your vaginal beautification needs.  The Vajacial is exactly what it sounds like: facial for your vagina.  You’re probably wondering why you’re region needs such a treatment, but if you’ve ever gotten a bad wax you’ll be able to appreciate this.


I apologize for even publishing that photo (it’s not me, don’t worry, it came from Magdalicious), but I had to find a way to illustrate the worst bikini wax experience.  And by the looks of this photo, you can imagine that the skin around and beneath that wax needs some TLC now.


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Thankfully, a San Francisco spa has come to rescue all the tortured labia out there.  The waxing salon, Stript, introduced the Vajacial for women who get brazilian waxes and experience the unwanted side effects like ingrown hairs, bumps, and skin irritations. The treatment is trademarked and takes about 50 minutes to give your crotch the best non-orgasmic experience you can imagine.  It’s meant to be performed the week after your wax and involves 4 steps. Antibacterial cleansing with witch hazel, papaya exfoliation, and an esthetician that personally removes your ingrown hairs (now that’s service!) are all standard.  The treatment is finished with a calming, anti-freckle, anti-acne mask and a lightening cream.

A review:
“DESPERATELY needed a fix for my poor vajay. It had been waxed by some random nail salon on polk street and suddenly it was filled with in-growns. It was growing these twisted weeds and was in all sorts of trouble.

The answer:
I saw the sign that said “Introducing the Vajacial”. Funny but clever at the same time. It is EXACTLY what I needed. I needed a full extraction, scrub and toner. For around $60, Katherine took her time to work gently and made sure to keep everything very sanitary.

The space is wonderfully decorated and Katherine is a very clever and skilled business woman. I recommend stript to anyone who has had a brazilian nightmare. Go here, your hubby will be happy.”

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  • How about stopping waxing altogether and leave our poor vulva alone?

    \Rip your hair off then pay an extra $60 for treatment to minimize the damage. It’ll make your hubby happy!\

  • I guess there’s no way to not sound like a dirty hippie, but…I don’t understand the whole Brazilian thing at all! I don’t need to look like a porn star or a first grade pre-pubescent girl. What gives?

  • I’m a little late on this post… but I don’t understand why we women pressure each other to have no public hair. I’ve got 2 gf’s, one married, one in a long term relationship and BOTH shave it all off!
    I can’t imagine… I used to wax my bikini line myself when I was in college because shaving left me with red irritated bumps after a few days.
    I even had a bf tell me he hated it when women even trimmed because he felt body hair should be soft, not blunt and sharp like stubble.
    I thank God I’m not super hairy or I might not feel the same way but I def. don’t feel the need to be bare. When winter rolls around, I don’t shave anything unless I am going to some sort of event, lol. Once hair has grown out a few days it gets much softer and as long as you aren’t wearing short sleeves, who cares?
    I think the porn industry has us all brainwashed and pervs dig it cause they can pretend you’re seriously underage.
    That said, nothing wrong with variety once in a while. I thought about getting vajazzing just for New Year’s Eve… it would be funny& my man would prob like the temporary change.

  • I saw this and had to let you know about a place in Hollywood FL that offers Yoni(Vaginal) Steam Baths. It’s supposed to be great after periods and giving birth.

  • i just use a *special* clipper not an actual razor blade but i like it as short as possible *down there*

    i dont think i could ever have it waxed. i want to badly. i hate pain

  • Keep in mind that you really do dictate what is and is not done when you are working with a professional. You do not have to go ‘all in’ on your first visit, no shame in trying it, finding someone who you are COMFORTABLE with and going from there.

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