Want To Make Retail Life Interesting?

Written by Emily

I worked in retail for longer than I ever wanted. My first retail job was at Best Buy and while I made cool friends there in the DVD section, there was little else to pass the time. One of the things we did was strategically place price stickers to make some very not-safe-for-kids DVD or computer game boxes. Well compiled a great bunch of pictures that are honestly more amazing than what I did at 19. Christmas and Hanukkah are coming, so what better way to pass the time at the retail job you might have picked up for the discount with a little fun?

Oh no Pooh Bear! And Tigger honestly?! Making Piglet hold your tail while Rabbit studies it all. For shame. I hope they don’t drag Christopher Robin into this debauchery of animal sex play.

Self explanatory. Not even gonna go further on this one.

Dog. It’s whats for dinner. In China.

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