Why I Love Malay Dick

malay dick
Written by Gary

According to one working mom, Malay dick is the only dick worth a damn.

malay dick

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By all accounts, Stephanie O. had a pretty normal childhood. She was heavily involved in the church, liked to read, and loved to play with the neighborhood kids down the block. Then, puberty hit. Stephanie started to have strange urges towards the opposite sex. It wasn’t until she was in her first relationship with a Malaysian boy from down the block that she realized she loved Malay dick.

After that relationship crashed and burned (as most first loves do), she figured it was a one-time thing, but try as she might (and she did try with several dicks of many nationalities) she kept coming back to that super #blessed Malaysian penis. Eventually she met and married a fine Malaysian man and had three beautiful half Malay/half Ginger babies. Now she has accepted that of all the dicks in the world, Malay dicks are her favorite.

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I sat down with Stephanie O, and asked five questions about why she loves Malaysian dick above all else.

What do you like so much about Malaysian guys?

I love the exotic look of Asians, and body hair kind of grosses me out. Most Asian guys have very little body hair and are super smooth. I joke with my husband by calling him a hairless wonder, but I really wouldn’t have it any other way.

I am sure you know about Asian penis stereotypes, so I have to ask: Do you have a tiny vagina?

Haha, I doubt my vagina is tiny because my husband has no problem using it and he is a good size. But I have never actually measured it properly.

Do you find that Asian men are more attentive lovers?

Yes, I think due to the Asian penis stigma in the US, they feel like they have to disprove that view by overcompensating sexually. I am not complaining at all. It means I get a hot guy who knows what to do in the bedroom.

What’s your favorite thing about your husband’s Malay dick?

Girth, baby! It hits the spot just right. It’s not why we got married, but its definitely a factor.

Do you plan to stick with Malay dick forever?

Absolutely. Do you know how hard it is to find a Malay dick in this country? Its like a unicorn, or at least, a unicorn horn 😉

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