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Introducing Baby DJ School For Musically Gifted Toddlers

baby dj school
Written by Gary

Does your baby like to drop sick beats while power-drinking flavored water? Do people constantly offer your infant ecstasy, even though he or she has “sworn off it and found the light”? Has your toddler ever been to rehab? If so, you might consider enrolling them in Brooklyn’s Baby DJ School.

baby dj school


Since New York babies are obviously more tuned in than regular babies, it stands to reason that they would attend a Baby DJ School. Started by DJ Natalie Weiss, the school lets babies explore sound through the use of electronic equipment, which is actually pretty cool. It makes sense because most toddler’s learning toys look like turn-tables, anyway. And you know that every infant loves a good glow in the dark necklace.

Weiss celebrates learning by introducing her students to “baby raps” she writes herself, and mixing traditional children’s songs with her own material. Honestly, if you want your baby to be cool, I vote you get them to Baby DJ School right now so they can get a real education in the school of hard knocks.

Or don’t you want to be a cool mom?

baby dj school

baby dj school
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