The Best DIY Deep Conditioner for Bleached Hair Ever

Written by Allison

This is the best DIY deep conditioner for bleached hair EVER.

I haven’t had bleached hair for very long, but it probably won’t surprise you that my lightened locks are feeling a little worse for wear. The process of bleaching is downright destructive for your hair, but at least the results are worth it! My hair is mostly lightened at the ends where my hair was already dry. After trying just about every remedy under the sun I found that only two ingredients are needed to make the best DIY deep conditioner for bleached hair. This is a great outdoor spa treatment to try by the pool or beach, too.

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Avocado and olive oil. That’s it.

My ends aren’t too terrible because I had the worst bits dusted off a few weeks ago. My hair is still feeling dry and less smooth than it did pre-bleach, though, and I’m not here for that. I also love combining this mask with scalp exfoliation.

You should probably do this mask on a weekend morning when you have nothing else going on. Wake up late, make yourself an avocado toast and save half the avocado for masking purposes.

You can use just about any liquid oil of your choice, except I’d steer clear of coconut oil on your hair for this because the whole liquid/solid situation can be difficult to work with. You’re already putting avocado in your hair, don’t make life more difficult for yourself. Life is short, be easy.

To mash as easily as possible cut your avocado into a checkerboard, making sure not to cut yourself (lest you become an avocado statistic).

Scoop out your pre-cut avocado into a bowl and mash into an artisan applesauce consistency. Some larger chunks are no biggie because you’ll mash again in a second.

Pour in your oil a few tablespoons at a time and mix until you get a loose but still applesauce-y texture.

Think your mass market applesauce at this point, no big chunks allowed. My bowl is still a bit too chunky which I deeply regretted when it was time to wash out.

Standing in a place you won’t mind dropping oily avocado goo, wearing clothes you don’t mind getting oily avocado goo on, apply your avocado deep conditioner for bleached hair. Work it into the driest parts of your hair and evenly everywhere else. I highly suggest wrapping up your now green hair with some plastic wrap and a shower cap to avoid any avocado leakage.

Wear your avocado mask as long as you can, but no more than about 45 minutes. It takes about an hour for the mask itself to start drying out, and you don’t want that. Shampooing avocado crust out of your hair is not on today’s menu, right?

When your time is up unwrap (in the shower is best) and commence cleaning your hair. Start off by combing through with a large tooth comb. Then, when you can comb easily shampoo with a clarifying shampoo for max oil removal. Also, a fine mesh strainer over the drain will keep any large bits of avocado from clogging up your pipes. This is sort of a process, but having a cheap DIY deep conditioner for bleached hair is probably worth saving the $40 you’d save on Kerastase or something equal.

Oh, and see what I mean about not mashing enough? If I mashed enough I wouldn’t have globs of avocado sitting in my hair like that.

After I was done masking I was left with the softest hair I’ve ever had.

The ends were soothed and felt like real hair, not straw, again. Who knew the best deep conditioner for bleached hair would be a simple DIY?

Bless you avocados, for all that you do.

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