Troubled Tresses: To Texturize or Tame?

Written by Alexis

Summer hair may be sexy for some, but for my over-processed strung-out locks, stringy and straw-like are the two adjectives I would most likely use to describe by hair this season. And let me say that neither one is ideal nor flattering. So the way I see it is that for those of us with damaged locks, we have two choices: either we desperately try to condition and tame these tresses or play up the Sarah-Jessica-Parker-circa-1990-esque frizzy, frazzled, textured, and trendy do. And, after much tried and tested taming and texturizing I have some words of wisdom (well, products to try) for those of you in a similar situation.


While taming the damage for a pretty polished look would be my preference. I have always found it hard to maintain – half way through the day my previously frizz-free hair is undoubtably all over the place, no matter what I put in it in the morning. And, until I heard of Ted Gibson’s Hair Sheet, I didn’t think I had a choice but to deal daily with my mid-day disasters.

Ted Gibson’s Hair Sheet, with its exclusive complex – which includes silk amino acids, wild orchid extract, hydrolyzed marine collagen, silicone compounds, UV light absorbers, lavender oil, and vitamins A, B5, and E – however, helps me avert my midday crisis by eliminating the straw-like look of my dried out ends, reducing frizz, and adding shine. The best part, though, is that it not only makes my hair look nicer, but also is designed to actually make my hair healthier by locking in moisture, protecting the hair cuticle, and preventing sun damage (yes, the sun may give you pretty highlights, but not without a damaging effect). And although some of my at-home products would probably do the trick on the run too, Ted Gibson’s Hair Sheets come in a convenient single-use towelette for hair for a couldn’t-be-easier-to-carry way to freshen up your do. So even though the smell wasn’t my style (it may be yours… they claim it has aromatherapy benefits), I would take smelling badly any day if it meant my long locks would again be lovely. (I take that back… I wouldn’t choose smelly, but I would carry around some perfume too to counter the effect.)


However, for the times when trying to make the damaged and frizzy look trendy, teased, and textured seems like the way to go, Pantene Pro-V’s Texture Collection rises to the occasion. It’s Spray Wax, with carnauba wax and conditioning ingredients, separates and defines for the piecey, textured look of wax in a convenient pump spray for easier-than-ever application. Finish off with Texture Hairspray, formulated to work specifically with wax-based products, and a structured, shiny, textured, and trendy look is yours for the keeping.

Properly polished or trendily textured, here’s to better hair days.

Ted Gibson Hair Sheet, $25 per box of 10 towelettes,

Pantene Pro-V Texture Spray Wax, $6.49,

Pantene Pro-V Texture Hairspray, $3.99,

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